The girl that might get ink poisoning.

“Don’t write on yourself. You’re going to get ink poisoning.” 

I’ve been writing on myself since… Kindergarten (maybe?) and guess what. No gosh diddly darn ink poisoning. 

I like to draw, I always have. Something about having an imagine in my mind, then converting it onto my paper, or onto the back of my hand, makes me happy. I draw on myself pretty much every day, and I have pen marks still on my hand that didn’t come off in the shower. But I really want something on my skin that can’t just wash away like some forgotten dream. 

I think I’ve wanted a tattoo since I was about 10. Of course, I probably wanted a butterfly on my hand with purple wings and a pink body, but I think now I’ve settled on what I want and I want to share the reasons I want them. 

On my wrist, I’d like an infinity sign. Not the “YOLO” “I’m getting it because every one wants it” sort of thing, but for myself and my brothers to show that no matter what we’re infinite. (I kind of just had a flashback in my mind of the ending of The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Excuse that.)

On my feet on want (starting from the outside of my left foot, across the top of my foot above my toes) “Before you ask which way to go,” (on the top of my right foot just above my toes, going to the outer side) “remember where you’ve been.” It’s a song lyric from “Stay Awake” by All Time Low (my absolute favorite band). It really means a lot to me because I always seem to be lost. That may sound weird, but I feel lost or out of place or just totally in need of some direction some times. I try my hardest not to, but sometimes I just have to rely on someone to push me in the right direction and hope I don’t trip on a rock (or on a flat surface. I’m extremely clumsy.) 

I also want an anchor with a bow on the top of my right foot, or on my right ankle. I know that’s another thing that a lot of people get, but I like what it stands for (or at least what I want it to stand for). I want it to be a symbol for… home. A symbol for keeping me grounded and level-headed. A reminder of where I come from if I ever get too far from home, or if I get stuck in the clouds, I’ll have the anchor to pull me back down and secure me to the bottom of the ocean of love that I have here with my family. That sounds a little cheesier than intended, but it’s what makes me want that permanent symbol on my skin even more. 

Last, but not least, the tattoo I’d like to have if my future goes as planned, would be a paper airplane that would start flying from a tiny heart, and the loops would spell “FLY” in cursive. If I get to travel, whether it be with work or just to do it, I want this tattoo. This tattoo is kind of another tattoo that represents staying true to myself and to where I come from, but that’s what is important to me. The heart symbolizes my family (“Home is where the heart is”) and even if I (the paper plane) fly away, I’m always going to remember the starting point of my greatest adventure


So, yeah. I might get ink poisoning from marking my flesh with ink pens from now until the time a painted needle touches my body, or maybe I’ll get it after the first permanent piece is driven into my skin. At least then, all the people who told me I’d get it could say “I told you so.”