You’re a Cameron Diaz.


The big, smelly, fat ogre that lived in a swap. He set off to find the most beautiful princess in all the land. He found Princess Fiona; a red-haired, porcelain-skinned, absolutely stunning princess. But then what happened? Turns out, she’s really an ogre like Shrek. She’s funny, she’s brave, she’s packs a hell of a punch, but she’s not the same stunning princess anymore. She’s bigger now and smellier. No one wants to be with her besides Shrek because he knows who she is deep down, but who wants to flirt with personality, right? In her heart and in his eyes, she is still just a gorgeous as she was when Shrek rescued her. 

Shrek is real. 

I mean, ogres may not be roaming the streets, or bumping into me at Walmart type of real, but the meaning of it is so genuine and inspiring. I want my kids to be Shreks and Fionas. Yeah, it sounds weird, but think about it.

When your daughter comes home crying because she’ll never be as skinny as models in a magazine. Do you want her to look up to those size 0 models that starve themselves? Do you want her shoving her finger down her throat and only eating once a week because she wants to be thin like those glorified sticks? (No offense to sticks, I’m just trying to get my point across.)

I want my daughter to watch Shrek. The first one. I want her to see how Fiona goes from being socially beautiful and envied to being loved and admired. I want her to see that Shrek loves Fiona for who she truly is and I want her to know that she will be loved. If she’s tall and thin, if she’s short and chubby, or if she’s somewhere in between I just want her to know that someone somewhere is going to point their nose up at her, but right around the corner she’ll find someone who loves her. 

I want my son to realize that when he goes on quest for love, even if he returns with nothing but bruises and a broken heart, he can come back to the swamp. He’ll have his family, his friends, maybe even a little side kick with the voice of Chris Rock. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is:

Whether you’re a skinny, blonde super model or a chubby girl with braces, you’re a Cameron Diaz. 

If you’re a tall, ripped CEO or a middle aged guy with a bald spot who still lives with his mom, you’re a Mike Myers. Or you can be a Cameron Diaz. Whatever floats your battleship. That’s not right, is it? Oh well. 

Be a Shrek. Be a Fiona. Be a Donkey too if you want; even he found love.

But don’t lose hope. You’ll find her or him or whatever one day. Just give it time and never give up. 


Love, a Fiona.